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A project of Remembrance and Reconciliation

In 2014 starting October 20th until November 11th, the 292,207 names of those killed in 1914 from Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Turkey, the British Indian Army, Ireland and the Czech Republic will be displayed. The names display commences each evening at 8.30 and pauses at dawn the following day.

In each of the WWI Centenary years, the names of those killed will be witnessed in the 100th year after their deaths.

To view the 2014 names display go to 

For more information about the project or to find exact night, hour and minute that any name will appear go to

Memory is part of what makes us human.




Click here for detailed information on presentations in the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre led by educators and Shoah survivors. Online registration now available.

New!! Online registration for our 2015 Symposium with keynote speaker, survivor Eva Kuper, May 12, 2015 at the University of Winnipeg! Click here. Registration early!

Educators! Please see our Educators and Students page for excellent new links to online Shoah education sites.

        Click to download the Symposium Guide » (PDF, 38.7MB)

         Now see our 2012 Symposium with Father Patrick Desbois on Youtube! Click on:

       watch?v=VoyprDPOuQ4 and watch?v=WcuTPJiZGOU

        In Remembrance Lies Hope Documentary on      Youtube
Our January 26, 2014

International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration

March of Memory July 20, 2014

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